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7th Euromed Transport Forum Aviation Group Meeting
Conference on the Euro-Mediterranean Common Aviation Area (EMCAA)
Conference about the Euro-Mediterranean Common Aviation Area
EASA ICF Workshop on Third Country Operators NPA
2nd Accident/Incident Investigation Workshop
MASC Workshop
Financial Workshop
2nd JMAA Workshop
1st JMAA Workshop
2nd EASA International Cooperation Forum

  This project is funded by the European Union
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The EUROMED Aviation Project is organising a series of seminars and workshops aiming at disseminating information about its objectives, EU policies for the aviation sector and at having talks with the Euro Mediterranean Aviation Community. These forums outcomes set the basis for a cooperative building up of the future Euro-Mediterranean Common Aviation Area.

The EUROMED Aviation Project also organises frequent meetings to communicate, and receive feedback and guidance from the beneficiary countries and stakeholders.

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